Spring 2021 Haute Couture

Fashion weeks are always an exciting time for me. I personally believe I’m not entirely versed in the fashion week world but I can definitely appreciate the art and dedication especially when it comes to Haute Couture. For today’s post I want to focus on five of my favorite Haute Couture shows.

The first show I actually saw on time (which is kind of sad but you know that full time job life) was Christian Dior. I kind of want to ram my head into the wall for liking it. I know a lot of people don’t like some of the collections and honestly with reason. There’s always that copy and paste dress in all the collections, like Maria girl we get it. But going past those, there were a lot of pieces to my liking. I loved the film for this collection mainly because of the tarot theme. There were a lot of Renaissance inspired pieces which, I believe, was the highlight of the whole show. I also loved the scene where the protagonist kissed Destiny kind of bringing masculine and femininity together.

Giambattista Valli, all I can say is wow. Honestly that’s the reaction I have over a lot of shows. The layers and layers of taffeta are something that I love when any designer does. Valli does it best, obviously. The red look just left me in awe every time I look at it. The intricate details in it, I love how he says when creating couture it’s like you’re almost sculpting a piece and it definitely shows in this collection. The black look with the veil is the perfect wedding dress for the goth girl in me.

Area I feel like is a brand that I’ve never talked about on the blog. (Maybe I have, who knows). But I really should, because this year for Couture they really brought it. As the Vogue Runway review states “definitely not your grandmother’s couture”. Look 4 was one of the pieces that brought my attention to this collection. The dress ending just above the knee and has those swirl like designs. If I’m being honest the swirls remind me of those swirls in the Disney Hercules movie, if you know then you know. Look 6 is also a vibe with the fabric hanging in a way that reminds me of a jellyfish but in a good and chic way. Finally look 13 and 14, I really can’t pick which I love more, is just breath taking. I love the overall structures of the dresses giving a cake like look but with a little bit of edge and sexiness with having that opened side on the black one.

Armani Prive’s collection first started out as not something I would be too crazy about. But I do want to highlight it in this post, as towards the end like in look 29, 44, and 50; I really started to fall in love. Just because mainly I like these style of dresses when it comes to couture. The fluff, the drama, the fairy tale vibes. But other than that I don’t really have much to say on the other looks, sorry to disappoint. They were beautiful nonetheless but those 3 were my favorite of the whole collection.

Last but not least is Schiaparelli. I feel like everyone and their mama was talking about this show. I mean as they should, there’s a reason I left this show for last. Not because it was one of my favorites and I have a bit more to say about it than the previous, but from the general feeling I get from the show. I understand that couture is made for specific clientele but I do believe this collection has a lot to say on how we as a society will want to dress after the pandemic is over. I feel like for this collection Daniel Roseberry pushed the idea of people wanting to essentially “show up”. With the dramatic gowns and six pack bustier which I actually love despite everyone thinking weirdly of them just because Kim Kardashian West wore one that made her look like the hulk. Regardless, I digress. The collection definitely shows the changes in dress during the pandemic and changes in the world as well. With the six pack bustier look highlighting a since of masculine power for women, especially now with Kamala Harris being vice president. Looks were served nonetheless.

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